The cost of living in CT is too high, and our people need help. I want to see robust tax relief that includes reducing middle class income tax, permanently reducing gas taxes and eliminating the truck tax that will further increase costs.


Too many in Hartford have chosen criminals over law enforcement officers and victims, and we’ve paid the price. We must allow police officers to perform their duties and give a voice to victims. We must have law-and-order.


Connecticut needs a “parent’s bill of rights” to ensure they are front and center when it comes to decisions about their children’s education and healthcare. I will make sure parents have a say in a new legislature.


I’ll never stop advocating for local control. Hartford may attempt to hijack local planning and zoning, taxation, and Trumbull’s Education decisions – but I’ll vote no.


State government needs to work for you. Too many Connecticut citizens got left behind during the pandemic. I want to see phones answered, offices opened and ensure people get the help they need. I’ve also called for an audit of the billions of dollars in federal aid we’ve received and demand reforms to end the corruption caused by favoritism and cronyism.

In the Community

Rally for Affordable CT 6/23 in Trumbull

Connecticut is growing more unaffordable by the day. An economic report released last week revealed that consumer prices in May went up 8.6%, a new 40-year high...

Rutigliano Joins Call for Suspending State Gas Tax

HARTFORD – State Rep. Dave Rutigliano (R-123) along with his Senate and House Republican colleagues are calling on state lawmakers to temporarily suspend the state gross receipts tax on gasoline...

Rutigliano Votes to Stop Catalytic Converter Theft

HARTFORD- State Rep. David Rutigliano (R-123) supported a wide-ranging bill that looks to aid law enforcement in tracking or identifying any potential criminal activity to combat the rise of catalytic converter theft...

Trumbull Legislators to have Coffee with Constituents

TRUMBULL- State Reps. David Rutigliano (R-123) and Laura Devlin (R-134) will be holding a legislative coffee hour in Trumbull for constituents on Wednesday February 2...

New Child Tax Rebate Available – Applications Being Accepted Now

Beginning June 1st, Connecticut families can apply for a newly available child tax rebate. Qualified families can receive a one-time credit of $250 per child, up to $750...

Trumbull Legislators Sponsor Retired Flag Collection

TRUMBULL- To bring more attention to the Flag Day holiday, it is the perfect time to properly retire your worn, faded and tattered American flags as you prepare to put on fresh new displays of the Stars and Stripes...